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Having a family photoshoot is a great way to capture priceless memories or commemorate important changes in your families lives. Popular moments to capture with a family photoshoot is the birth of a new child, or your little ones (or older ones!) birthdays. A family photo shoot for a 16th or 21st birthday is a beautiful way to capture your child growing up and a great chance for some family bonding and for you to spend time with each other.

Photoshoots at young children’s birthday parties can create some adorable photos of your little ones and provide you with beautiful, lasting memories of your child’s younger years that can seem to slip away so quickly. A birthday shoot can be an extra present for the whole family on a special occasion and is a great way of commemorating birthdays for both young children or big birthdays!

Newborn photography is also growing with popularity, as well as photoshoots of you, your partner and the bump! Newborn and maternity photography is a stunning way to capture the bonding process between your little one and yourselves. The newborn period is over so quickly that a photo shoot is the perfect way to capture such precious moments and keep them alive forever.  Katie captures all images in the comfort of your own home, so there is no stress of having to go to a studio with your newborn. Everything you need is right at your fingertips and Katie will work around you and your babies needs.