The start of my journey with photography

I started taking photos as a hobby, but began photographing professionally by accident when a friend desperately needed a wedding photographer and I stepped in (with some trepidation!). From that moment I realised how much I enjoyed taking photographs for people and capturing the beautiful and emotional moments in people’s lives, and so with a lot of hard work…"Priceless Memories Photography" was born! My love of photography has grown and grown, with my passion and love being injected into every photograph.

My "style"

Many photographers will talk about a ‘traditional’  or ‘contemporary’ style and you may have heard of a ‘documentary’ style being used for weddings or events. All these styles are beautiful, and create wonderful photographs, but are limiting. The best photos are taken by enjoying your surroundings and not worrying about ‘style’. When a photographer uses a specific style your photos will often end up looking just like everyone else's, and the best thing about photographs is they are unique.  I like to think that my style is your style; I adapt and change how I work to best suit you and our surroundings, this creates the best pictures that could be captured and gives you a range of images which work beautifully together as a collection.

Insurance, Qualifications & Professional Associations

To put your mind at ease - Priceless Memories Photography is a fully insured responsible business. 

I am proud to be a member of both The Guild of Professional Photographers and The Baby And Newborn Association.

Personal and professional development is integral to my entire business philosophy which is why I attend regular training courses throughout the year.